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Hello World

Freaky Fantasy Friday!

Hello TeeTurtle friends!  

Are you ready for the weekend??  Spells, fire, and Loki.. Oh my!!  Help yourself prep for the weekend with one of our new designs.  For you 12th district victors check out our new fire bird design.  For you wizards and witched we have spells on hand (well on shirt).  Also don't miss your second chance at our Loki Charms shirt before its gone again.  We also need your help friends... our pocket monsters are hiding on our website on sale for $15!!  Help us catch them all! Don't forget, fantasy week is almost over.  All fantasy inspired shirts are on sale for $15 with only a few days left.  Dr. Who fans get ready for the 50th anniversary next week with one of our Dr. Who shirts, our collection goes on sale Monday for a short time!


Happy Friday!!



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