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Hello World

Forget the sidewalk hurts! Get some TeeTurtle shirts!

Hello, you fantastic people!
Oh boy. It's that time of year.
That time of year when you are reminded of how many relatives you have. That time of year you try to analyze the deep inner meaning of what your significant other asked for versus what they REALLY want. That time of year that you frantically try to remember all those friends who did favors for you over the last 12 months and which ones were secretly just hanging out to eat your groceries. On top of it all, it's that time of year you and your friends use the old tent that leaks to camp outside of the local electronic store (on very uncomfortable pavement, mind you) only to be victim of the parental mobs that promised their little monster a silly, ticklish doll.
Well, personally, we say no thanks. 
Well, here at TeeTurtle, we want to simplify things in our own little way. We want to help you this holiday season. That's why we're planning something big for Black Friday. You don't need to spend hours outside to get great deals on Black Friday! That's what the internet is for! HUZZAH! 

WHEN THE BELL TOLLS MIDNIGHT on the most hallowed night of our Eastern US states, you shall be here, saving money on the most awesomest awesome T-Shirts that ever was or will be. 
In other news, we still have some monsters running around our site for a few dollars less than usual. You can find them, catch them, and then make them fight for you in the great arena for the glory and recognition of your peers. You might even get a badge. It will be EPIC. 
Also, starting at midnight tonight,  we have some clarification on the differences of our most favorite shelled friends.
Oh man, how we wish we had a shells... and immense martial art abilities would be nice. 
...*le sigh*
Till next time our most excellent TeeTurt' Perps! Enjoy your meals this holiday! We're enjoying ours! :D
-The TeeTurtle Entourage  


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