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Hello World


Well, it's already been quite a long week. There's even a stomach bug that decided to take haven within our wonderful group of people and friends. With this bug comes unspeakable agony...Okay, maybe I am being a bit overdramatic. But it sucks none-the-less.

There is nothing I like more when I'm sick than sleeping. And there is nothing better to sleep in than one of my super soft comfy TeeTurtle shirts. Let's be real, I know that the majority of my wardrobe consists of TeeTurtle shirts. And you may be saying "Well Nick, of course most of your wardrobe consists of TeeTurtle shirts. You work for them!" That's besides the point :) 

We are working through our orders to get them out as quickly as we can. As usual, you can direct your questions and comments to service@teeturtle.com. You can also find us on Facebook for quick questions.

Here's to feeling better and a wonderful holiday season. Cheers!


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