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Aliens and Zombies - All in a Day's Work.

We caught up with Red Panda at the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham and asked how it was going:

"So there I was, having some fun with my buddies in the Umbrella Corps and hanging with some aliens I had just met, when....


...this bloke comes along. Bloke, you know, a guy. Some dude. Hey, I'm in England. They say bloke a lot here.  Anyway, this bloke comes along and the next thing I know....



My Teeturtle bestie, Lisa, did her best to save me. She pretty much drop kicked the zombie and we ran. We didn't really have to run. He was walking pretty slowly as he 'chased' us but still, running seemed like the best option after having a dead guy try to sink his teeth into you. We made it to a first aid station and they did their best with me.


Up until the zombie attack, the MCM Comic Con was GREAT! But I figured it was time to head to Chicago for C2E2 2016. So I peaced out..."


Special thanks to the First Aid heroes at the Birmingham MCM Comic Con. You may not wear capes, but you saved our Red Panda so you will always be heroes to us. On another note, who was in charge of letting zombies into the convention? It seems like this may have made your job of saving lives a lot harder. In any event, we thank you.


Becca Dunn

I think you may have stumbled upon the very cure we’ve been looking for in our fight against zombie attacks! Bubble bath and hot tea! WHY DIDN’T ANYONE EVER THINK OF THIS BEFORE? Oh the lives that could have been saved…

Riv on
Becca Dunn

OH! Poor Red Panda!! I hope he heals nicely! Maybe he should take a relaxing bubble bath and sip on some hot tea.

Mary on

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