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Hello World

Happy New Year from us here at TeeTurtle!

Hello and Happy New Year to our fellow pop culture addicts!  

We hope you had a FANTASTIC holiday and that your 2013 was as full of wonders and adventures for you as it was for us. We learned a lot as a company and we don't plan on stopping there! WE CRAVE THE SWEET NECTAR OF KNOWLEDGE! AND COFFEE! 

One thing we learned is that topical humor is good for business, and what's more topical right now than a SNOWLEK? AMIRITE?!

New Designs!

"Let's create a snow fort of TOTAL EXTERMINATION!"


Our most-favoritely-hated-salt-shaker-resembling "friends" have a diabolical plan to turn us all into snowmen under the guise of winter storm Ion.

I mean, REALLY! It's called WINTER STORM ION! How transparent is that?! They're OBVIOUSLY "ION"IZING the spacial time vortex in our atmosphere and forcing an exceptionally large blast of cold air and snow discharge in order to keep us immobile while they move about freely and TAKE OVER AND DESTROY THE WORLD AND THE HUMAN RACE AS WE KNOW IT BY TURNING US ALL INTO ICICLES!  


In the meantime, we have managed to thwart their evil plans by using the magic of the internet to work from our homes to make sure you get your T-Shirts. It's IMPERATIVE that you get your shirts! THEY CAN NOT WIN! Also, we have won the support of the feline race. Below we have documented a couple cases of their ambassadors who have donated their body heat to keep us alive, if only for a few more moments: 

God bless their adorable sacrifice for the survival of the human race. 


World invasion aside, another thing we learned was that people want bigger shirts. So, starting with our snowy ambassador or misery that we mentioned above, we are beginning to offer sizes in Standard 3XL and Woman's 2XLYou have spoken and we have listened! We will slowly be adding the larger sizes to more and more designs as we go forward because we want to make sure we have as many turtle minions as possible to fight in the great battle of boredom! 

Keep your eyes peeled because we have a LOT of great things lining up for this year and we want all of you to be a part of them! 

Until then, stay shelled! 



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