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Red Panda left Birmingham and raced to Chicago to C2E2! We asked him to tell us how it was.

"Whew, I've gotta little bit of jet lag, but sure, I'll tell you about C2E2. I got there and went to visit my TeeTurtle buddies Ryan and Chad, but they were WAY too busy selling cute, nerdy, ultra-soft Teeturtle tees to hang out, so I went exploring. The first thing I did was download the C2E2 App. They told me it was my 'digital guide to everything  C2E2.' But you know what it wasn't? A zombie detector. I had NO WAY of knowing where the zombies were. I saw a couple of them and managed to hide under a table until they passed by (that took forever).  After I knew I was safe, I visited other vendors and made some new friends!"










"I bought posters, PVC figurines, and some great new comics! I just hope Chad doesn't notice his wallet is missing..."

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Becca Dunn

Go Red Panda! It looks like a safe trip for you. Did you have a chance to stop for some red bamboo?

Scott on

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