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Mallory's House Cats

Meet Mallory! She is TeeTurtle's Logistics Coordinator, Esq. (she asked us to add the Esq.) Mallory facilitates the magic that makes TeeTurtle's cute and funny designs meet ultra-soft tees. Thanks to her and the rest of the logistics team, our tees are manufactured, printed, and sent straight to you!
Mallory's fav TeeTurtle tee is: "House Cats"
When we asked Mallory to tell us what her fav tee was, she said, " My favorite shirt has got to be 'House Cats.' This design is two of my obsessions combined into one -- what is there not to love about it?"
Obviously, she must love scarves...a lot. What else could it be?


Becca Dunn

Ditto. I just came to purchase the shirt as a Christmas present – so sad it’s gone!

Callie Appelstein on
Becca Dunn

I was hoping to buy the house of cats T shirt :(

Dumarys on
Becca Dunn

Hi, Any plans to do another run of this “House Cats” T-shirt? It’s my favorite too, and I’m sad I missed it! Thanks.

Liz on

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