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We Came, We Saw, We Ate...

We caught back up with Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda (Purple P and PwP) to see how they fared at WonderCon in L.A. It turns out that "fared" was a very appropriate word with these two.


They started their day with a Cucumber Crush  from Qwench, and a washed Kenyan bean pour over from Andante Coffee (Purple P is pretty serious about her coffee). On the way to the Los Angeles Convention Center, they stopped off at a food truck:



Danny's Tacos hit the spot for these two and they continued on their way to WonderCon! However, before they made it to their final destination, PwP decided she wanted some dessert so the plushie duo stopped off at The Pie Hole. They could not decide between the Mom's Apple Crumble or a Chocolate Crostata w/ Caramel & Sea Salt, so they ordered both delicious treats.  Finally, they agreed it was time to go and sell tees!                               


Our gourmet globetrotters caught up with TeeTurtle sellers Keo and Cecylia, and they all worked up quite an appetite selling cute, nerdy, and funny tees. As soon as the con ended, everyone went to the nearest...you guessed it, restaurant. After dining on more tacos, and then Raman, the plushies said goodbye to the sellers and took off for the airport. Completely stuffed, they almost missed their flight!










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