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Hello World

NEW shirts for the NEW year at TEETURTLE!

Greetings our fellow socially awesome awkward kids! 

We hope you are fairing well through this unpleasantly flavored metaphorical slushie that has been dumped on our collective heads day after day. In an attempt to raise your spirits, we have just posted 2 BRAND NEW shirts on our website! 

First though, a question: 

QUESTION: What do you get when you add two of the most powerful beings in the universe? 

ANSWER: An awesome new shirt called "Mewsion!"

Our second new design is called "Hey!" Awesome, right? 

This is what happens when you hang around shady people. 


Poor fella. he looks like he needs a hug. 

...And maybe a better shield, an updated sword, running boots, a hammer, hook shot, boomerang, lantern, bug net, shovel, mirror, bow, arrows, magic powder, bombs, flippers, gloves, a pony, an ocarina, and an assortment of masks to go with that hug. 

Just to note you can buy both these shirts in 3XL standard style and XXL in a women's style! Woohoo! Sizes for everyone! These new shirts can help you stay soft, cuddly, and warm for the winter months! 




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