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Hello World

Good Kitty/Bad Kitty Plushies!

That alter-ego of yours. Come on, we know you have one. You try to hide it but then stupid happens. There you are, being charming and productive at work, and then a coworker asks the same question they ask every week. And you calmly smile, turn to them kindly and say, “THE EXTRA STAPLES ARE IN THE SAME #$%& CABINET THEY ARE IN EVERY TIME YOU ASK ME.” Windows rattle, papers fly off your desk, in years to come there will still be rumors that your eyes turned red during the altercation. However, once the employee hurriedly trots off, you sit back down, adjust your computer screen, and go right back to finishing your report. You even hum a little, because, well, just because…

Get your kitty plushies here!


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