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10 Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs

10.  They can be reintroduced into existence if you find the right piece of amber.

Source: Jurassic Park

  1. They rode trains.

Source: Dinosaur Train

  1. Dinosaurs skeletons in museums come to life at night.

Source: Night at the Museum

  1. Dinosaurs are NOT extinct.

Source: Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

  1. Dinosaurs prefer their mothers.

Source: Dinosaurs

  1. They can befriend humans.

Source: The Good Dinosaur

  1. Lemurs adopted orphaned dinosaurs.

Source: Dinosaur

  1. Dinosaurs say goodnight by giving a hug and then one kiss more.

Source: How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

  1. Dinosaurs like to be walked.

Source: Walk the Dinosaur

And the number one thing you should know about dinosaurs:

Source: The Land Before Time

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Becca Dunn

Those are perhaps the oldest looking kids I have ever seen in my entire life. Like, the girl on the left, her head seems too big for her tiny face, and she has the hair of a thirty year old woman. The little boy on the right looks like he literally is a miniature version of Edward from Twilight.

Richard on

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