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Hello World

Can You Believe It?


10 Things That Will Happen the Day Pigs Fly
  1. Bacon will be harder to obtain.
  2. Birds of prey will have a much easier time feeding their young (feeding them our bacon that is).
  3. The National Audubon Society will double its numbers.
  4. Archery will become the national sport, hence “throwing around the pigskin” will take on a whole new meaning.
  5. There will be many more options to choose from when ordering wings (to eat while watching the Archery Bowl).
  6. A beautiful spring day will be filled with the melodious sounds of oinks coming from the trees.
  7. BASH (Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard) will also be known as PASH (Pig Aircraft Strike Hazard).
  8. Trees will lose some of their aesthetic beauty the more populous flying pigs become. Pigsties in branches aren’t as nice to look at as a robins' nests. Unless of course, there are piglets hatching. Oh yeah, pigs will start laying eggs, too.
  9. See bullet point 8. Insert 'pigs will start laying eggs' here.
  10. Apparently, at this time, hell will also freeze over. Who knew?


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Becca Dunn

This is great, love it!

Tyler on

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