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TeeTurtle Loves Conventions! (And T-Shirts, Of Course!)

Anyone here at TeeTurtle HQ will tell you that it’s a pretty awesome place to work. Imagine walking into a room and hearing random conversations about Pokémon, Doctor Who and Star Wars echoing over mountains of t-shirts printed with the coolest designs ever to be printed—that’s TeeTurtle HQ. Now imagine if your boss walked into your cubicle one day and told you to pack up because you were being sent to your favorite convention that weekend. Yup! That’s what it is like being an employee at TeeTurtle!

So yes, essentially our jobs here at TeeTurtle are your dream job, we are "forced" to attend the coolest nerd conventions around. In 2014 alone we’ll attend nearly 50 cons across the globe and sell thousands of shirts. Dubai, Seattle, New York—it’s safe to say we have made it our personal mission to clothe con attendees around the world. But our favorite part is when our fans stop by our booth and we get to watch you all geek out over our designs. So if you have the chance the next time we’re in your city, stop by and tell us hello! It will make our day, promise.

What conventions have you seen us at, or which ones do you want to see us at? Leave us a message in the comments and maybe you’ll see us in your city next! And as always, check out our convention schedule right here, because there’s always a chance that your favorite con is one of ours too.

See you soon! 

<3 TeeTurtle 


Chelsy McInnis

Hope you guys can come to Akon in dallas tx totally buy every shirt :3

Monica Toledo on
Chelsy McInnis

You guys are awesome! Why, I’m wearing my Evolutionary Spectrum shirt right now! :D

I discovered you guys at New York Comic Con, but add a few more pony-themed designs and join us at BronyCon or Big Apple Ponycon, too!

BenHead on

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