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TEETURTLE DIY: Flower Headband (Made from Shirts!)

Working at TeeTurtle, we have a lot of spare t-shirts lying around the office. Why? We will only send the best t-shirts to our fans, so when something doesn’t meet our quality-control standards it gets thrown in the “not worthy box.” So when we’re feeling crafty, we’ll reach into our box of lemons and repurpose those shirts by using them in fun DIY-projects!

For this project, we used:

  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Button Maker
  • Standard large Last Planeteer shirt
  • Standard medium Painter shirt

Obviously you can mix and match what t-shirts you use, but you’ll definitely want to keep a marker, scissors, and a hot glue gun handy!

For this project we wanted the shirt design visible as part of the flowers, so we rummaged up an old button maker and got to work. (You don’t need this exact button maker, any should do.)

1. First we cut out the little heads of the characters on the shirt! If you’re using any other shirt just pick out the part of the design you want to highlight and cut away!

2. After we essentially decapitated these fellows, we took their heads and made them into buttons! For this project we left the pin backs off the buttons to make them easier to glue on to the fabric later on.

3. After we had our buttons, we needed to make the flowers that they would rest on! To make our flowers for the headband, we saved a generic flower template and with a little editing, made it into the perfectly sized six-petal flower you see below.


4. After we made the perfect template, we printed it out and cut it into a stencil. Then we placed it on our desired shirt and traced it multiple times. Because we were cutting this shape on a maroon shirt we used a red marker because we’re lazy and also so we wouldn’t have to worry about cutting around black markings, but this route made it a little more difficult when trying to find the markings we made. Whatever your preference is on colors, just make sure you’re tracing out the template so you know where to cut.


Because we wanted to add an extra something to our headband, we used two different shirts for two different colors. We left the red markings on the cream shirt from tracing our template for the visual contrast and because it looks cool.

5. Now it’s time to cut out your flowers! This process can take a while, since fabric tends to curl and requires patience. For our final product we chose a cream color as the base, then a layer of red petals, and then cream again with the button of our decapitated friends on top acting as the center of the flower. Now it’s time to make our actual flowers.

    • Fold your base piece, your cut out template, into quarters and mark the center.

    • Flatten the base piece back out, and fold the other petals into fourths as well.

    • Place four petals folded into fourths onto the base, matching up their points with the center mark.

    • Glue them down at that center point, and also in the middle of each petal and where the petals meet on the sides, so they won’t flop around too much and will form a stable foundations for the petals that will go on top. These marker dots show where we glued the red petals to the cream base.

    • Do the same with the next layer of petals, staggering them so they fill the open space left by the red petals. Glue these down in the same fashion. 

    • Then glue your button onto the center of the flower and you’re finished making your flowers! Now on to the last step! Now that you finished making your oh-so-beautiful flowers, we’ll move on to the final step!6. If you don’t want to make a headband, you can add a pin backing or a hairclip and skip this last step. If you do want to make a headband, continue on, DIY warrior!

    6. As you can see from the final photo we cut off the bottom hem of our red shirt to use as a headband, glued our favorite character in the middle, and then added some friends around him (as pictured).

    7. After gluing your pals onto the hem, tie that sucker around your cranium and immediately go look at how fabulous you look in your new DIY flower crown. You're done! 

    Since this was our first time trying this out, we didn’t account for how far apart flowers would be. Obviously you can make more or less flowers depending on your tastes! But seriously,isn’t this the coolest accessory ever?


    Shout out to our resident crafter and Pinterest addict at TeeTurtle HQ, Melissa! She is usually the creative force behind our fun DIY ideas, and she's pretty darn good at it! Thanks Melissa! 


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