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Hello World


TeeTurtle’s trip up to the Windy City for Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo was a whirlwind of fun! It was a well-organized convention with a creative, family-friendly atmosphere that represented every fandom from sci-fi to anime to film to podcasts. There was a busy artist’s alley filled with talented illustrators for all mediums, including TeeTurtle guest designer Bamboota, creator of Loki Charms!


Hundreds of awesome cosplayers walked the convention floor, including Avengers, Assassins, and some memorable blast-from-the-past characters like Yu Gi Oh nemesis Seto Kaiba.

It's time to s-s-s-s-shop!

“Do you want some great Ghostbusters cosplay?” “Do I?” “Yes, have some.” “Yes, have some!”

I am the Keymaster.

Of course the best cosplayers of all are the small ones, and C2E2 was treated to plenty of kids dressed as their favorite cartoon characters. Or their parents’ favorite cartoon characters. It’s the Belchers from Bob’s Burgers!

Family cosplay is the #1 to have kids

There was just as much variety in the celebrities as there was in the people dressed up as them. Voice actress Veronica Taylor, the original Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, was just a couple autographing tables down from wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. His crowd started cheering and she got hers to follow suit, matching the wrestling fans’ fervor. Ash Ketchum yelling at Hulk Hogan: only at C2E2.

We hung this on our office door to inspire us.

It was an incredible weekend put together by staff members who thought of every detail. Even the food court was themed to the occasion.

Considering he's from Canada, you could've had Wolverine Poutine.

We’re sure next year is going to be even better, C2E2! See you then!



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