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CONTEST: Have You Experienced the TeeTurtle Touch?



There’s only one thing better than free stuff, and that’s free TeeTurtle stuff. We’re hosting a contest and giving away free t-shirts and art prints, so keep reading for your chance to win!

Here’s how you enter: write a story about how TeeTurtle has touched your life. Maybe you met us at a convention, or your crush complimented your Pocket Monster shirt. Give us your best, most heartwarming, funniest, TeeTurtle tale! You can pack it full of all the fun details you want, but keep it under 150 words.

When you’ve finished typing up your inner-most feelings about us and our super soft and cuddly tees, just post your story as a comment and cross your fingers! We will be picking our favorite story from the bunch to win a TeeTurtle shirt and two exclusive prints! Plus, just for entering, you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win a FREE t-shirt as a bonus giveaway! That’s TWO chances to win for the price of one story!

So dig deep into that black hole you call a heart, find and/or fabricate that memory that gives you a soft spot for us here at TeeTurtle, and post it in the comments section below for your chance to have all your TeeTurtle dreams come true.

Good luck!

(We’ll pick a winner on 5/16/14 at 12 P.M. Eastern Time! If you win you will be contacted via email, so make sure you use your correct email address when posting your entry!)


Chelsy McInnis

A couple years back, I spotted the ‘mozilla firefox’ shirt as well as ‘hungry panda hug’ shirt at a convention and I immediately bought them with what little money I had left that weekend. The year after that I found myself drawn to the multiple shirts they were showing with the ‘Hogwarts houses’ shirts as well as the pocket monster shirts. From then on I mainly bought many more shirts exclusively from tee turtle, and it has helped me so much throughout college. It served as icebreakers with strangers and a smile and entertain those close to me, that I constantly recommend this store should they want one of their own. There are plenty of shirts on this site that I continue to want but must pace myself….despite how drawn in I get with each new design.

Beau on
Chelsy McInnis

I was walking through a busy town centre with my girlfriend. (Who bought me the shirt for Christmas) and it was of the “Hero of space and time” Tee. We had been walking around for ages and a guy out of the blue ran up to me and said “Hey I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but your shirt, I love it”. the story is member-able to me cause I originally thought he was going to mug me. The fact he ran up to me made me assume I was going to get robbed.

I love Tee-turtle merchandise :3 Although I live in the United Kingdom so they take awhile to get here!!! D: PLEASE I HAVE ADDICTION, YES.

Ash on
Chelsy McInnis

My boyfriend and I had gotten into a huge fight over me moving out of state.
He knew that I love the eveelutions and when he met me to help us pack everything he brought me a box. He told me not to open it until we got settled in and that he would Skype me every chance he got.
Well, two months later, I finally opened the box and cried because in the box was the “Pocket Full of Monsters” shirt with a note that said: “Even with all the monsters that may get in my way, I’ll never not fight to come see you or be with you.”
It was great. It’s my favorite shirt and design, but has gone missing. I plan to get another one soon.

Chelsy McInnis

Last September I almost lost my mother to cardiac arrest while on a trip with just her. I watched as EMTs raced to shock my mother back to life 3 times before it worked…luckily it did work. Since then we have done anything we can to make her as happy as absolutely possible. She liked the Evee x Dark side of the moon shirt because it has always reminded her of rabbits and she LOVES rabbits. During one sale, we purchased the shirt for her, and when it arrived, the way her face lit up again, SO WORTH IT.

Now she wears the shirt constantly! I am just so happy to still have my mother (EMTs notified us that out of 6 patients with the same issue, she was the only one to survive…) and so happy and proud that I as able to find turtle tees and the shirt she has been wanting…that I feel forever in your debt turtle tees. Every day, every smile and every moment with my mommy is precious and you helped add one more amazing memory to that.

Thank you Turtle Tees <3

Kimmi on
Chelsy McInnis

I may not have the coolest or most touching story, but here’s my story. My boyfriend liked a picture of the Pocket Monster Tees on Facebook, so it showed up on my news feed. I thought they were cool and followed TeeTurtle on Tumblr and Instagram and Twitter. Then for Black Friday on Cyber Monday, there was a sale. I knew my boyfriend liked the shirts, so I bought him one for Christmas. He liked it so much that I bought him a Dragonball Z hoodie for Valentine’s Day and the Mew Fusion (not the real name) for his birthday. I’m gonna buy him something from TeeTurtle every time I need to buy him a gift. Thank you TeeTurtle for making the gift buying process a lot easier!

Jessica San Juan on

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