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Hello World

TeeTurtle has evolved!


We launched our new website. Hooray! So much hard work has went into this to try and make the TeeTurtle experience that much better for our fans. So let’s walk through what all is new (and awesome). Immediately on visiting teeturtle.com you’ll see we totally revamped our layout, added a section staff picks section, a trending now section and even more stuff! SO MUCH STUFF!

What else is new:

  • Contest Page: Check this page out to see what contests we’re currently running. It’s like a page on our website solely dedicated to how you can get free TeeTurtle swag.
  • Sizing Guide: We constantly were asked questions on how our shirts fit, so we decided to make a sizing guide with photos of people wearing every size we offer alongside their measurements. We think this will help people visualize what size will fit on them best, and we’re super happy to share it with you!
  • Our Logo: It’s so cute, right? That’s all we really wanted to say about it.
  • Design Archive: Once a t-shirt retires it hangs out in the Design Archive. We’d like to think all the tees there play a round of 3 PM bingo, but in all reality they sit waiting on you to vote them back to life. Yup! Want a design to come back for sale? You can vote on which designs we should reprint in the Design Archive.
  • Refer a Friend: Good friends don’t let friends buy t-shirts from sites that aren’t TeeTurtle. It’s simple, invite all your friends to the awesomeness that is TeeTurtle, and once 5 of them make a purchase, you’ll get a free t-shirt!

You could say with this new website we've evolved into something even more awesome than before. Or you could just say we're still just as awesome and nothing can get more awesome than TeeTurtle. Regardless, we're so excited about our new website that we're throwing a big weekend sale! From today until Sunday (5/11) at 11:59 PM ET, we're slashing prices left and right. Just call us Wolverine! Over 90 shirts are priced between $11-$13 and the rest are $15! Prints are 50% off too! TeeTurtle used sale. It's super effective! Now all you need to do is pick out which shirt to buy. 

What do you think of our new website? What shirts have you bought during our big sale after a long deliberation period deciding which to buy? We want to know! 


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Chelsy McInnis

Hi he refer a friend link goes to a 404 page error?

Lacey on

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