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Mother's Day: 10 Great Pop Culture Moms

Today is a day to celebrate moms everywhere: at home, in the workforce, ruling over distant magical lands. If your own mother hasn’t hugged and squeezed every drop of affection out of you already, here are ten lovely mums from tv, movies, and video games who could use some appreciation.

1. Delia Ketchum, Pokemon. It’s been fifteen years and we’re still not entirely sure who Ash’s dad is, but we do know that his mom is the sweetest soul in the whole show.  Every time he comes home from his latest Pokemon journey she’s there to welcome him back with pride and a home-cooked celebration dinner for all his friends, human and Pokemon alike.

2. Helen Parr, The Incredibles. A woman who takes the term “super-mom” to heart, her personality is as flexible as her body, keeping up with the demands of her children, household, and city in peril. Maybe you wouldn’t want your own mother by your side in an intense action scene, but you’d definitely want this one.

3. Frigga, Thor. The brightest spot in The Dark World, this scene-stealing queen of Asgard is a loving mother and a fierce ruler. Supportive but frank with her family of gods, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to keep them and the rest of her kingdom safe.

4. Molly Weasley, Harry Potter. Matriarch to one of the most important families in the wizarding world, if not the most aristocratic one, and always a welcoming and affectionate host to all her kids’ friends. Plus, she gets the best line in the entire seven book series (“NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!”) and it’s about her defending her family.

5. Linda Flynn-Fletcher, Phineas & Ferb. This jack-of-all-trades goes on as many adventures as her kids do. When she leaves the capable children to play in the backyard, sometimes it’s because she’s on a mundane errand like grocery shopping, but more often she’s off on her own exciting activities like surfing, art classes, or playing a comeback tour for her teenage pop star days.

6. Queen of Corona, Tangled. Faced with the tragedy of having her baby daughter stolen, she remains stalwart and optimistic, watching over her country and her emotionally wounded husband as she never gives up hope in finding Rapunzel even after eighteen years. SHUT UP, I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING.

7. Chi-Chi, Dragonball Z. Remember how the big battles on that show seemed to take twenty episodes to set up and ten to actually happen? All that time Chi-Chi was taking care herself, her home, and her friends while Goku and Goten were off saving the world. Patient, protective, and just as strong as the warriors on that show, her brief appearances were always memorable.

8. Katara, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. She’s a tough fighter with a mastery over the art of waterbending, but today we’re spotlighting her parenting skills. In the original Avatar series she took on a maternal role to many of her friends, even her older brother, and in Korra we see that she raised a fine family of benders and non-benders alike as well as several rambunctious grandchildren. In her old age, she remains a source of kindness and strength.

9. Mother, Nintendo. Okay this isn’t any one actual mom, but a video game series named Mother, the original Japanese game that American fans know as Earthbound. This popular 90s RPG for the Super Nintendo featured Ness and his trademark striped shirt, hat, and baseball bat as he and his friends collected melodies to fight off the evil alien Giygas and a host of other bizarre enemies like hippies and living cars.

10. Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones. A mother of dragons still counts as a mother to us and we’re very appreciative of the inspiration for two of our most popular shirts! You can celebrate Mother’s Day the dragon way by picking up Trainer of Dragons!



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