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CONTEST: What’s Your Biggest Fangirl Moment?

You are awesome, which is why we made the executive decision to add a design just for fangirls to TeeTurtle's extensive catalog. We littered this design with all sorts of popular fandoms so everyone could find one they love. This truly is the perfect shirt for conventions, Netflix binges, movie premieres, romantic dinners, long walks on the beach, LAN parties, or anything else really.

Because we are so excited about our new design, we’re giving away the chance for one special person to win the first printed shirt of “Fangirl.” To enter our contest to win this free shirt, all you need to do is watch the video in this post, and leave a note in the YouTube comments.  Any comments on this blog entry will not be counted, so head over to our YouTube channel for your chance to win!

It’s about time there was a t-shirt to tell the world who you really are. You’re a fangirl and you’re proud.


Contest ends 5/20/14 at 11:59 PM ET. Winners will be contacted directly. One entry per household. 


Chelsy McInnis

I think that my greatest fangirl moment was when*SPOILERS*
Kisshu Died in Tokyo Mew Mew.
I literally punched my computer.
And screamed.
And then went into my room, hid under my covers,
and read Kishigo fanfiction for the next three hours until I got over the feels.
I still occasionally burst out crying.
Even though he is alive now.
That is my fangirl moment.

Abigail Richardson on
Chelsy McInnis

I am GIANT fan of squishables, it’s these fat, round, squishy, soft, giant stuffed annimals that are amazing for hugging and cuddle. It all started with a squishable chicken and squishable android, not long after I was hooked! Every time I go to a convention or a toy store I always look forward to seek them. I love collecting squishables, But now I have very limited room in my bed so I put them in my grandma’s room, Oh and my mom, grandma, and aunt hate them a lot because I talk about them a lot.

Das Buizel on
Chelsy McInnis

My biggest fangirl moment happened when I was at work and a customer noticed my tattoos. I have a few Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Doctor Who and Zelda tattoos. He took one look at them and he squealed. Literally squealed, I had no idea that a 40 year old man could sound like a teenage girl. It was the best fangirling I have ever had. To this day every time he comes to my job, we have another moment. Best days ever!

Teri Martin on
Chelsy McInnis

My professor walked into class with a Browncoat lanyard, which I complimented. Not only did I get an A in the class, but now we geek out over Malcolm Gladwell and qualitative research together. I love being part of the fangirl community, but I never thought it would help me network in my own department.

Lauren on
Chelsy McInnis

One of my Biggest-Fangirl-Moment was during “His last vow” (BBC Sherlock).
Moriarty appeared and I went totally crazy. I cried my heart out and threw myself on the ground and run all over my friend’s house. I couldn’t stop crying, really. I was litteraly sobbing. SOBBING.

Giulia on

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