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Just Red Panda Business: Adorable GIFs and a new tee!

Red pandas are nothing short of adorable. These special creatures, sometimes known as “red cat-bears” are so adorable, that they potentially fall into a sub-category of animals that we here at TeeTurtle have affectionately dubbed “awwdorable.” To further validate our claim, here are 11 red panda GIF’s that have made all of TeeTurtle HQ audibly (awwdibly?) say “aww.” Although called lesser pandas as well, obviously these furry critters are not lacking anything in the cute department.


Now that you’re obviously #teamredpanda, it’s easy to see why every animal wishes it was as adorable as these animals. It’s also easy to see why we didn’t include any captions on these GIFs, because these animals are so cute, cuddly, and adorable that it stuns you into silence less the few audible “awws” that involuntarily emit from your mouth when looking at them. Red panda used “existing,” it’s super effective!


Silly cat! You’re not a red panda

Now go show the world your love of red pandas with our new t-shirt, “Just Panda Business.” Not a raccoon, nor a panda, this is special kind of animal worth showing off your adoration for. 



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