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2 Must-Hear Electronic Songs For Nintendo Fans

Let's be real: Nintendo games of the 80s and 90s featured some of the sweetest sounds to ever fall on the ears of gamers. NES, Super Nintendo and N64 games were packed with chipper 8-bit melodies, unforgettable wacky sound FX, and the voices of the colorful characters we fell in love with. Just hearing the cosmic twinkling sound of Kirby's warp star takes us back to a time when we 80s and 90s kids didn't have a care in the world, and our imaginations ran wild.

Over the last year or so, we've noticed more and more electronic musicians showing their nostalgic admiration for the Nintendo games we all grew up on by incorporating retro video game sounds into their music. Not only are these 8, 16, and 64-bit noises just plain rad, but they help these video game-loving artists connect with their fans on a deeper level.

From the mind-blowing number of Yoshi samples in Pusher’s “Islands, Waves, Caves, & Skies”, to the sounds of Navi fluttering about and shouting "Hey, listen!” in Wave Racer’s “Streamers”, electronic producers are injecting their music with insanely-happy chiptune sounds to the delight of thousands of nostalgic 90s kids. 

If these two jams don’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will! Let us know what you guys think!


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