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NAILED IT: 7 Miserable (And Terrifying) Attempts at Geeky Creations

It's getting cold, you've replayed all of your video games 3 times over, and you need to find something to do inside before you get cabin fever. Hooray for baking and crafts! Unfortunately, replicating those awesome geeky creations you stumble across online isn't as easy as it looks. Here are 7 attempts at geeky baking and crafting that are perfect for all the wrong reasons.


1. Ya'll got any more of that Rare Candy?

Starting with a bang. My God. This strung-out Pikachu is HORRIFYING. I think I saw him hitchhiking down Route 9 a few weeks ago. He was slugging a warm Super Potion and screaming about Team Rocket. QUICK TIP: if you want your Pikachu to look like a homeless clown, use lipstick on his cheeks!



2. Hail Satan!


For the record, both of these look like flesh-eating demons. This cake was doomed from the start. You know it's a fail when your cake wants to eat you more than you want to eat the cake.



3. Sorry, Sauron

Peter Jackson's Ringwraiths-- the most menacing and terrifying creatures in the fantasy world. Better versions of this have been made on accident in a recycling bin.



4. Wibbly-wobbly, indeed.

Someone call a Doctor.



5. Ping-Pong Ball Z

He doesn't look very happy with how it turned out. And rightly so.



6.  Mmm. Pancakes.

She was always so small and hard to see... It was a matter of time before someone sat on her. RIP Tink. *sniff sniff*



7. "I see no sign of intelligent life anywhere."

Before you scoff in disgust at this childhood-ruining birthday cake, at least give its creator some props for doing an admirable job on the shading of the green on Buzz's spacesuit and the glass helmet. Not bad at all. Sadly, halfway through the frosting process, they decided to make a Mr. Potato-head cake instead.



If you've ever gone out on a limb to create something at home that was so bad that it was good, we'd love to see it! Share it with us on our Facebook page, or send us an email at vince@teeturtle.com.


-Vince and Keo



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