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Hello World


There's nothing more magical than seeing the first snowfall of the year. Even the smallest dusting makes us want to hop into some footie pajamas and mix up some mugs of instant hot cocoa.  

For those of you who live north of the Wall (aka "Texas"), winter hath kissed our tender land, and it looks glorious. However, winter hath also kissed the rubber of our delicate tires and shown us the holiday's first signs of terrible driving. Yay! 



While beautiful, icy road conditions can be dangerous. This is TeeTurtle's PSA to drive safely this winter driving season. Please, always give yourself adequate space between the cars in front of you, take your time getting to your destination, DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE, and wear a TeeTurtle shirt at all times. Unless you want to end up like this poor soul:




WINTER IS HERE. Enjoy the beautiful snow and stay safe out there folks!







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