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Brace yourselves...


All right TeeTurtles, here it comes.

Black Friday's weekend of sales you've been waiting for is just ONE WEEK AWAY but we're so excited we're gonna tell you all about it right now.


We're leaving no sleeve un-turned. All the shirts are going to be on sale. ALL SHIRTS. ALL OF THEM.




Stay tuned also, because all day on Friday we're going to announce even BIGGER sales every hour! 




This sale is going to be going on all weekend till Sunday night. 


THEN Cyber Monday shows up with a vengeance with TWELVE BRAND NEW DESIGNS! These won't be preorders either, they will be on sale and ready to ship RIGHT AWAY! (Sneak peek)!


BUT WAIT! Cyber Monday is also December 1st which kicks off the beginning of our fan-fave annual 12 days of TeeTurtle sale. 


Some great things show up in packages of 12. Brings me back...


It's a good time to love TeeTurtle!!








 ***Things to know***

  • You must check out DURING the sale in order to take advantage of the sale price. Adding items to your cart all day will not accumulate sale prices. 
  • Orders cannot be combined during the Black Friday sale weekend. Each order will ship seperately.
  • Discount codes will not be allowed over Black Friday weekend. Save them for a rainy day! :D
  • Shirts battle lineups will not be announced until shortly before each battle. Choose wisely! 




Keo McKeoson

Will you announce the line-up for the flash sales, you know, which shirts will be at what hours? Or will we have to check back every hour to see which shirts are flash saling at the time.

Cy on
Keo McKeoson

Hello Stephanie,

If you wait to check out till after 1 flash sale ends, the discount on the earlier flash sale will no longer apply. Normal shipping rates apply for each order you have and orders cannot be combined. Be like Indiana Jones in his last crusade and choose wisely. ;)



TeeTurtle on
Keo McKeoson

If we put a tee in our shopping cart one hour, and wait until later for another tee to combine the shipping, will you still get the “flash sale” price on the first?

Stephanie on
Keo McKeoson

What about shipping on the flash sale items? If I buy more than 1 flash sale shirt, I might as well just buy multiple at $12.

Kiki on

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