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Hello World

Happy 2015!

Hello TeeTurtles!

We hope 2015 was a great a year for you as it was for us. To celebrate, we're shaking things up a bit! 

Remember when we were doing preorders and hiding them? Well, we're not doing that anymore. Now, we're no longer hiding the new designs after two days and instead of a 2 day sale, we're having a 7 day sale! That's, like, over 3 times the amount of time it used to be! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!

The only thing to remember is that orders that contain new designs will have a slight delay of about a week or two before they ship out.  

Also, keep your eyes on our recently developed "Recently Restocked!" collection to be on the cutting edge of what's restocked! :D

We hope to be even better acquaintances with you this year. Don't forget us! 




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