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Hello World

25 of our Favorite Sketches from our Birthday Sketch-Fest!

If you haven’t heard, last Friday was a crazy day at TeeTurtle! Our artists worked all day long to draw over 300 of your requests! They might have strained some hand muscles, but it was worth it. Thanks for making it one of the most memorable days in TeeTurtle history! Here are just few of our favorite designs:


25. “Dragonite delivering mail? Pleasepleaseplease.”


24. “Okami!”


23. “Narwhals fighting!”


22. “Bunny with a pancake on it’s head.”


21. “MegaMan after he’s absorbed the power of a Magikarp.”


20. “Deadpool hugging Kirby, pretty please! ^-^”


19. “A realistic octopus”


18. “Super saiyan Gohan fighting a cell. (Not the Cell from dbz)”


17. “something Harley Quinn”


16. “Link holding a sign that says “I’m not Zelda” ^-^”


15. “How about a little boy (like my son) dressed in a Left Shark costume?”


14. “Also can you draw an adorable panda playing video games for my friend xD She’d love that”


13. “Miles “Tails” Prower”


12. “A Panda dressed like DeadPool! <3"


11. “My shiba inu with a blue hedgehog on her head? (It’s a long story…)”


10. “Toothless from how to train your dragon. :3”


9. “How about Ron Swanson as a Ghostbuster?”


8. “Pikachu dressed as jack sparrow”


7. “Yes”


6. “Octopus in a bath!”


5. “My pug Toby?!”


4. “Doctor Mew”


3. “Jiggly Puff singing to Adam Levine.”


2. “batman as a pokemon trainer”


1. “Shy Guy at a public speaking forum!”


Thanks everyone! We hope to do this again soon! 



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