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4 Nerd Girl Traits You’ll Only See in Theaters

The nerd girl is a character that we see in movies all the time, but never really believe. Here are our 4 most glaringly-unrealistic traits of nerd girls in movies and tv.

1. Glasses aren’t hot

We all know that nerd girls in movies are usually played by an attractive actress wearing glasses. Halfway through the movie, she goes through a makeover montage that mainly consists of her taking off her glasses, and everyone realizes that she was really beautiful the whole time! We don’t buy this at all. Real girls can be hot with or without glasses, and the glasses have the added bonus of helping them see!

2. I <3 Jocks

We see this mismatched couple all the time in movies. She’s a shy nerd girl who spends the whole movie pining for a popular jock boy. This can definitely happen in real life, and they might have a great relationship, but we think nerd girls are much more likely to date someone who shares their interests. Going to cons or playing video games together sounds much better than struggling to find something to talk about.

3. Overalls or dresses


If nerd girls aren’t wearing ultra-girly dresses, they must be wearing baggy t-shirts and overalls. There is no in between--at least until they get their mid-movie makeovers. We know that real nerd girls wear a variety of styles, and their *cough* TeeTurtle *cough* tees can fit well and look amazing!

4. Adorkably Clumsy

Our nerd girl heroines would get a lot more done if they could walk without tripping and dropping things! Most of them are so clumsy they would have serious concussions by the end of the movie. Luckily, real nerd girls have functional levels of coordination and are able to navigate stairs and wet floors safely.


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