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Top 10 PBS Shows From The 90s

In no particular order...

Arthur (1996-Present)

Hey! (Glass breaks) We grew up with the Elwood Park crew. We got chicken pox with Arthur, fantasized about living in the grocery store ceiling with D.W. and when we got too old, our voice actors were replaced by kids with much higher voices.


Sesame Street (1969-Present)

Kermit. Big Bird. Oscar. Grover. Elmo. Jim Henson’s most loveable characters taught us letters, numbers, compound words and how to devour a plate full of cookies. That’s right, cookies. Not carrots or celery or apples. Good ol’ 1990s corn syrup cookies.


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968-2001)

Yes, Mister Rogers! We will be your neighbor! Mister Rogers taught us how to deal with feelings in between trips to Make-Believe and Picture Picture. There is nothing bad to say about this man. Sure, we believed the tattoo sleeve rumor for a minute, but who didn’t?


Wishbone (1995-1998)


Wishbone told all the classic tails (ha!) like Frankenbone, Hunchdog of Notre Dame, Bark to the Future, Bone of Arc, Pup Fiction, Pantin at the Opera, Muttketeer, and Shakespaw. He was a little dog with a big imagination and an even bigger wardrobe. This is definitely one series we were sad to see get put down.


Barney & Friends (1992-2010)


In 8th grade, we were all embarrassed to admit we watched Barney, but we’re adults now so it’s okay. We were always excited to see what craft was in the magical Barney Bag and still make sure we never let the water run. And we’re sure those Guantanamo prisoners enjoyed it just as much as we did.


Big Comfy Couch (1992-2006)

Why does this show look so creepy now? Oh, it’s a Canadian show..that makes sense. Everyone knows the Ten Second Tidy took longer than 10 seconds and that their parents would never let them stuff everything into their couch. The only question we have is, just how big is the Big Comfy Couch?


Bill Nye the Science Guy (1993-1998)


Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill Nye was infinitely better than any science teacher we ever had. That’s probably why they let us watch him during class when they didn’t feel like teaching. Thankfully, Bill is still fighting for science in his classic blue suit and red bow tie.


Lamb Chop's Play Along (1992-1997)


There was something so adorable about the way Lamb Chop’s mouth moved. Thank goodness for adults who wanted to play with puppets--what would ‘90s kids’ shows be without them? Plus, who didn’t love annoying their bus mates with the Song That Never Ends?


Magic School Bus (1994-1998)


Ms. Frizzle was the only teacher that could enter a student and not get arrested. But really, who wouldn’t want to take a field trip inside their sick classmate? Or play baseball on a frictionless field? Sign us up! We’ll take Arnold’s seat since he never wanted to go anyway.


Reading Rainbow (1983-2006)

Beautiful Levar Burton and his shiny hoop earring. Every 90s kid watched Reading Rainbow and then begged their parents to take them to the library at least once. But you don’t have to take our word for it. ;)


Honorable Mention: Zoom! (1999-2007)

Okay, so Zoom was only on for one year in the ‘90s, but we couldn’t leave it out. We wished we could be Zoom kids and lubearn hubow tubo spubeak Ubbi Dubbi and figure out what Fannee Doolee liked. We just had to hope they’d read the Zmail we sent to Z double O M Box 350, Boston Mass 02134!  

This post was made possible by viewers like you. Thank you.



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