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Behind the Fur: Panda

Panda was born in captivity at the Central Park Zoo. Due to his refusal to cooperate with the zookeepers and trainers, Panda was released into the Sichuan province of China after four years. Although his transition to the wild was rough, he found he enjoyed sleeping all day, eating bamboo shoots and pulling the tails of red pandas, or as he prefers to call them, lesser pandas. After eating too many bamboo shoots one day, he couldn't sleep and decided to take a walk into the nearby city of Chengdu. He was drawn to the blue light shining through the window of a small, disheveled apartment and the strange, repetitive noises coming from it. Two university students welcomed him in and invited him to play Goldeneye on Nintendo 64. It was the most wonderful, frustrating and consuming experience he had ever had. To this day, Panda only heads back to the forest every once in awhile to nap, replenish his bamboo supply and relieve his stress (pull red panda tails). Otherwise you'll find him in that small apartment: eyes on the screen, paws on the controller and butt on the couch. 


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