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Horrifying Halloween Masks

Good ideas. Poor execution. 

"The Joker"

Looks like Grandma's salon appointment didn't go so well. Hide the mirrors. 

"Mitt Romney"

Never knew Mitt Romney had jaundice and an overbite, did ya? Also the lack of care in this photoshoot is endearing. "I think someone in this costume will probably be wearing an oversized turtleneck. And keep the dent in the side of the head."

"George Washington"

See above. Insert "dress" for "oversized turtleneck." 

"Chinless Old Man"

 It's hard to pinpoint what's so scary about this mask. Something about the clouds of hair, whiteout eyebrows and young person eyes. 

 "Hillary Clinton"

 We just need to um...go change our pants. Yes, all of us. 


The transition to cable must have been tougher than we thought. 

Donald Trump 

This is actually an improvement. Mostly because his mouth doesn't open. 


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