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Hello World

The Splat

Attention all '90s kids! Have you heard that Nickelodeon will start airing their classic '90s television? It's true! 

Nickelodeon recently announced their new eight-hour programming block of pure '90s bliss called "The Splat." The '90s nostalgia will kick-off on Monday, October 5th from 10 PM - 6 AM EST, so get ready!

Here's a little teaser to increase your excitement..


Excuse us while we do a quick happy dance..

All of us here at TeeTurtle are crazy excited! So excited that we polled the office on which shows they're looking forward to watching again. Here's some of our top picks:

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Hey Arnold

Angry Beavers


Wild & Crazy Kids

All That



Kenan & Kel

What '90s Nickelodeon TV shows are you looking forward to? Comment below and let us know!




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