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Hello World

Behind the Feathers: Penguin

Penguin was born in the Oamaru penguin colony of New Zealand. He is the youngest of the largest Blue Penguin family from that colony, a family known for their loud and debaucherous nighttime behavior. Penguin liked to have fun with his family but preferred exploring around the coast to partying all night. One night while he was hopping along the rocky shore, he hopped into a large crate that was stuck between the boulders. The box was too deep for him to jump out of and even though he cried for help, his family was too busy partying to hear him.  As he fell down in despair, he broke through the wood of the boxed object and heard a sounding chord. He had landed in a piano crate! He learned to play with his flippers, luring fish into the box with his sweet melodies. On a stormy day in March the piano broke loose from the boulders and the crate, sailing him out to sea! One lucky day his baby grand island bumped into a cruise ship and they hauled him aboard. After a feast of fresh sushi and a nice little nap, he waddled over to the piano and amazed the passengers with his frisky flippers. While Penguin misses his family, he doesn't regret the day he fell into that piano crate. Currently, he's touring with Billy Joel and plans to make it back to New Zealand for Christmas.


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