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Hello World

11 Cat GIFs That Explain Your Life

When you have a hangover and your coworker won't stop talking.

When you buy a dress that you told yourself you'd fit into if you worked out really hard for 3 months. And then you didn't work out. 

When you don't have any food in the house and your roommate just made a frozen pizza.

When you were 12 and you got caught looking through your parent's movie stash of non-Disney films.  

When you realize that it's the end of the month and rent is due tomorrow.

When it's Sunday night and you haven't done anything all weekend and Jimmy John's delivers your #5, no onions with jalepeño chips and a Coke.  

When it's 3 pm on a Thursday. 

When your brother compliments you and it's not sarcastic. 

When you go on a camping trip with your outdoorsy friends and try to sleep in a hammock. 

When you lose your phone in your covers but you don't want to get up to look for it. 

And finally, when it's the weekend and you ain't got nothin' to do and nobody to see. 




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