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9 Reasons It's Better to be Alone on Valentine's Day

1. People are overrated.

Books > People t-shirt TeeTurtle

2. Seriously, they're the worst.

The Magical Kittencorn t-shirt TeeTurtle

3. I mean, they always ask you if you're dating anybody. Rude.

Stabby the Unicorn t-shirt TeeTurtle

4. You can buy yourself chocolates, and you don't have to share.

Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty t-shirt Dreamworks TeeTurtle

5. Other people always want to talk.

Too Early t-shirt TeeTurtle

6. Your cat is your one true love anyway.

My Powers are Useless t-shirt Marvel TeeTurtle

7. And if you don't like cats, there's always pizza!

I Love Pizza! t-shirt TeeTurtle

8. You're FABULOUS on your own!

I Give Zero Fox t-shirt TeeTurtle

9. So, brush off the haters and celebrate being single!

Haters Gonna Hate t-shirt TeeTurtle

Over 80 t-shirts are on sale for Valentine's Day (or, as we prefer, Singles Awareness Day). Be your own Valentine, and treat yourself to all your favorites!


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