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10 Shirts To Bring Out Your Inner Sass

You know how some people wear t-shirts that bring out their eyes? We prefer tees that bring out our sass. If you've been told you need an attitude adjustment and you took it as a compliment, we have 10 tees you need in your life!

1. Salty Beach

Salty Beach t-shirt TeeTurtle

When it's not your fault people are jealous of you...

2. Express Yourself

Express Yourself shirt TeeTurtle

When the RBF struggle is real.

3. Humanity Sucks

Humanity Sucks t-shirt Marvel Jessica Jones TeeTurtle

When you know you're a superhero, but humanity just isn't worth saving.

4. Witch, Please

Witch, Please shirt TeeTurtle

When you have no time for shade.

5. Antisocial

Antisocial shirt TeeTurtle

When the words on your shirt are the only communication you're okay with.

6. The Magical Kittencorn

The Magical Kittencorn shirt TeeTurtle

When you're not as cuddly and adorable and you appear.

7. Fly, My Pretties!

Fly, My Pretties! shirt TeeTurtle

When you wake up feeling wicked.

8. Stabby the Unicorn

Stabby the Unicorn shirt TeeTurtle

When you're seriously on edge.

9. Pay Attention to Me

Pay Attention To Me shirt TeeTurtle

When you're too cute to be ignored.

10. Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate shirt TeeTurtle

When you want the world to know how awesome you know you are.

10 Shirts For Everyone At Your Halloween Party

It's probably kind of weird, but Halloween is our favorite holiday. We got to thinking about the 10 types of people we see at every Halloween party. Which of these partygoers are you?

1. Pumpkitten

Pumpkitten shirt TeeTurtle

The person who talks to the cat all night.

2. Nerd Princess

Nerd Princess shirt TeeTurtle

The person who cosplays every weekend and will definitely win the costume contest.

3. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories shirt TeeTurtle

The person who spends the whole night in the corner, debating politics.

4. Pumpkin Spice Girls

Pumpkin Spice Girls shirt TeeTurtle

The person who keeps putting on their 90s playlist.

5. Get Your Groot On

Get Your Groot On shirt TeeTurtle

The person who never stops dancing...and ends up spilling their drink.

6. My Boo

My Boo shirt TeeTurtle

The couple in perfectly coordinated costumes.

7. Where's The Gym?

Where's The Gym? shirt TeeTurtle

The person who can't put down their phone.

8. Need More Candy

Need More Candy shirt TeeTurtle

The person who spends the whole night in the kitchen, hogging the candy.

9. Who Are You Calling Cute?

Who Are You Calling Cute? shirt TeeTurtle

The person who really didn't want to wear a costume.

10. Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Ale shirt TeeTurtle

Oh, come on. You know exactly who this one is.

We're throwing our Halloween party early! 100+ tees are $13 and up through October 2!

7 Unicorn Shirts You Didn't Know You Needed

1. Rainbow Chainsaw Massacre

For when you need to show the world that you aren't putting up with its rainbow bullsh*t.

Rainbow Chainsaw Massacre

2. Tasty Rainbow

For when you're feeling adventurous.

3. Where Rainbows Come From

For the morning after.

4. Forbidden Love

For when you're feeling hopelessly romantic.

5. Stabby the Unicorn

For when someone tells you unicorns aren't real.

6. Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse

For your last day on Earth.


7. The Magical Kittencorn

For when you want to express your true feelings.

Mallory's House Cats

Meet Mallory! She is TeeTurtle's Logistics Coordinator, Esq. (she asked us to add the Esq.) Mallory facilitates the magic that makes TeeTurtle's cute and funny designs meet ultra-soft tees. Thanks to her and the rest of the logistics team, our tees are manufactured, printed, and sent straight to you!
Mallory's fav TeeTurtle tee is: "House Cats"
When we asked Mallory to tell us what her fav tee was, she said, " My favorite shirt has got to be 'House Cats.' This design is two of my obsessions combined into one -- what is there not to love about it?"
Obviously, she must love scarves...a lot. What else could it be?

11 Cat GIFs That Explain Your Life

When you have a hangover and your coworker won't stop talking.

When you buy a dress that you told yourself you'd fit into if you worked out really hard for 3 months. And then you didn't work out. 

When you don't have any food in the house and your roommate just made a frozen pizza.

When you were 12 and you got caught looking through your parent's movie stash of non-Disney films.  

When you realize that it's the end of the month and rent is due tomorrow.

When it's Sunday night and you haven't done anything all weekend and Jimmy John's delivers your #5, no onions with jalepeño chips and a Coke.  

When it's 3 pm on a Thursday. 

When your brother compliments you and it's not sarcastic. 

When you go on a camping trip with your outdoorsy friends and try to sleep in a hammock. 

When you lose your phone in your covers but you don't want to get up to look for it. 

And finally, when it's the weekend and you ain't got nothin' to do and nobody to see.