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In Coffee We Trust!

Greetings fellow customers of overpriced and mediocre convention center food!

As fellow con-attendees you'll understand our love for this hero. Often they slip under the radar, unappreciated for their good deed to the world,  saving everyone from what surely would be homicide. We take our hero's actions for granted...But maybe you don't, maybe you are the exception. Regardless, as a salute to our hero and the world's favorite thermal hand warmer, we've created 2 amazing t-shirts featuring you guessed it, coffee.


This cup of Joe needs to equip himself with a cricket bat. 

 But our design doesn't always accurately depict the scene our hero finds when zombies start to corner its sweet caffeinated goodness. Although our hero looks like he could have been lured to the back of a fenced alleyway (because those things are SO necessary in every horror movie, ever), before those pesky zombies could get a sip he needed to plan his escape! 

T-Shirt Design: "Zoom Zoom Zoom!"


 ...OUR HERO ESCAPES! Guess it was all that extra caffeine from being AN ACTUAL CUP OF COFFEE and what-not. But don't forget our other coffee shirt, "Need More Coffee"

Until next time, this has been TeeTurtle giving you the latest update in all the caffeinated goodness lingering around the office.

<3 TeeTurtle


P.S. If you're in Miami, come and say hi to us at Animate! Feel our super cozy shirts in person and pay too much for sub-par convention burgers with us! Mmm delicious (not really, but we need food).