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5 Things You Need for a DIY Jessica Jones Costume

Jessica Jones Cosplay

So you want to be Jessica Jones, huh? Well, we don’t give advice. We just say what we want. Lucky for you, we want to help you just this once. Jessica isn’t your average superhero, so you can’t just throw on a spandex costume and call it a day. Here are the 5 things you’re going to need to pull it off.

1. A Jessica Jones t-shirt

Jessica Jones shirt TeeTurtle

A black shirt is a must-have if you want to embody the true spirit of Jessica Jones. And since she's conveniently printed on the front, you won't have to explain your costume to everyone...in fact, you won't have to talk to anyone at all.

Stabby the Unicorn is also an acceptable choice because-let's face it-Jessica would totally wear Stabby.

2. A black leather jacket

3. Ripped jeans

4. Black combat boots

5. Sarcastic comments

If you can't lift a car, sarcastic comments are the most crucial element of your costume. But if you can't think of anything to say to someone, just ignore them until they go away.

Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Turtles!

Turtle had so much fun in Australia that he decided to join the Red Panda twins (did you know Red Panda had a twin?) in Dubai for the MEFCC (Middle East Film and ComicCon). Before they reached the UAE, they had a layover in Amsterdam. Red Panda's twin missed all the fun because he was too sleepy! Their TeeTurtle selling best friends, Lisa, Chad, and Ryan, are gearing up to sell lots of tees. And get over some serious jet lag.

Has Red Panda Gone Mad?

While Turtle went to Salt Lake City, and Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda went to L.A., Red Panda decided to check out the LouisiANIME in Baton Rouge. And who did he run into? Alice herself! Red Panda was supposed to hang out with TeeTurtle seller Chad and help sell soft, cute, nerdy, and funny tees, but he decided to follow Alice instead (he had a lot of fun with her, but was slightly disappointed that there weren't any rabbit holes). Before she returned him to TeeTurtle's booth, Alice told Red Panda that it was tea time! Red Panda said, "No thanks. It's always coffee time for me."
Red Panda later found out that Alice was actually actress and singer, Eileen Peterson! Chad thanked her for taking such good care of Red Panda, although she did return him slightly caffeinated! 

Photo Contest: Back to Schoool, Back to Schoool

Another week, another awesome TeeTurtle photo contest. This week's theme: BACK TO SCHOOL. Our submissions have just been getting better and better! So, be sure to pack a lunch, because this week, there will be not just one, but 5 WINNERS!

Show us how you're getting prepared for this school year wearing any of your beloved TeeTurtle tees! The 5 funniest/most creative entries will win a free tee of their choosing! Be sure to tag #teeturtlebts to officially enter your photo! Break a leg! Break both legs! (Be careful.) We know you guys got it in ya!


All entries must be uploaded to Instagram, and use #TeeTurtleBTS.
Photos posted to a private or protected account will not be considered for the contest.
All entries must be posted by 11:59pm Eastern Time on Monday August 4, 2014.
The winner will be contacted individually after selection.

REVIEW: X-Men: Days of Future Past


Oh, X-Men. Since your first blockbuster film release in 2000, you have played a proverbial game of ping-pong with fans. One year we get a great film, the next we are forced to sit through about two hours of pure agony as our dreams are literally ripped to shreds (stares deliberately at “X-Men: The Last Stand” and anything with “Wolverine” in the title). However, it seems that Fox Studios has finally realized the error of their ways, and they brought Bryan Singer back to direct the latest romp through one of Marvel’s most beloved franchises with “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

“Days of Future Past” attempts to tackle one of the X-Men’s most popular story arcs, while also trying to repair a devastatingly shattered X-Men movie timeline. Viewers follow Logan, also known as Wolverine, as he travels back in time to prevent a major historic event that would eventually doom the earth. For once, the film doesn’t spend every waking moment analyzing Wolverine’s inner psyche. Instead, the story develops the characters who play an important role in the early years of human/mutant relations such as Mystique, Magneto, Beast, and Professor Xavier.

Important X-Men characters are finally given the attention they deserve in order to show the viewer how these often complicated characters think and feel. Magneto is no longer presented as a super-villain bent on human extinction. Instead, the viewer gets a chance to see exactly why he reacts the way he does towards humans. Mystique is no longer Magneto’s sidekick. She not only thinks for herself, but she also makes decisions that will change the course of history forever. These “villains” from the past X-Men films are finally presented as real people trying to cope with their unfortunate position in society.

“Days of Future Past” also introduces some new faces into the X-Men universe. Peter Dinklage brings Bolivar Trask, one of the X-Men’s primary human antagonist, to life for the first time on the big screen. Dinklage is an extremely talented and well-liked actor, and he brings his best to the role. However, Quicksilver was perhaps the most delightful addition to the X-Men cinematic universe. This super-fast mutant was one of the most enjoyable characters found throughout any of the X-Men films, and it will be interesting to see how he is incorporated into future films.

Overall, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is one of, if not, the best entry to the X-Men saga. Fans of the series will be pleased to see the X-Men story get back on track, while new viewers can jump right in and see what all the talk is about. It might sound strange, but “Days of Future Past” is the best prequel/sequel/reboot that any X-Men fan could ask for.