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The Foodie Plushies Visit K.C.!

Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda went to Kansas City for Planet Comicon! On breaks from selling TeeTurtle tees at the con, the plushie pair decided to try some K.C. cuisine. On their first day, they wanted Kansas City BBQ. There was no other place to go but Joe's! The plushies visited the original gas station location and had the best BBQ they had ever tried! 

 Joe's Kansas City BBQ


The next morning, Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda wanted healthy eats.

They headed to Café Gratitude for "Adventurous" soup, and "Energized" green smoothies! They left for the con with some "Carefree" cappucinos



 They went vegan for dinner and visited Füd


And then went and got some Chinese a couple hours later:


They topped the night with a little wine at The Westside Local:

We can't wait for these foodies to go to their next con!


Atlantic City, Baby!

Atlantic City Boardwalk Con!

Purple Penguin joined TeeTurtle Seller Mary at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con!

He had a great time with R2D2, Dr. DeRanged, and Red Hood!


Purple Penguin finished his visit to Atlantic City with a trip to the boardwalk and a walk on the beach!


 (special thanks to http://astromech.net for letting us take a picture of R2D2, and @BigHeroVince for posing with Purple Penguin!) 

The Plushies Take Emerald City!

Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda went to the Emerald City Comicon! After almost selling out of tees, the plushie pair explored Seattle for a few days. They saw the sights and did a little shopping:
The dynamic duo also dined at the Mox Boarding House where they played games and had some refreshments!
There was also coffee at Stumptown:
And spices at Mustard and Co.
Not to mention Pink and White Panda's favorite delicacy!


We are glad they had so much fun, but we missed Purple Penguin and
Pink and White Panda! The turtles are all happy to have our plushies back!

Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Turtles!

Turtle had so much fun in Australia that he decided to join the Red Panda twins (did you know Red Panda had a twin?) in Dubai for the MEFCC (Middle East Film and ComicCon). Before they reached the UAE, they had a layover in Amsterdam. Red Panda's twin missed all the fun because he was too sleepy! Their TeeTurtle selling best friends, Lisa, Chad, and Ryan, are gearing up to sell lots of tees. And get over some serious jet lag.

Has Red Panda Gone Mad?

While Turtle went to Salt Lake City, and Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda went to L.A., Red Panda decided to check out the LouisiANIME in Baton Rouge. And who did he run into? Alice herself! Red Panda was supposed to hang out with TeeTurtle seller Chad and help sell soft, cute, nerdy, and funny tees, but he decided to follow Alice instead (he had a lot of fun with her, but was slightly disappointed that there weren't any rabbit holes). Before she returned him to TeeTurtle's booth, Alice told Red Panda that it was tea time! Red Panda said, "No thanks. It's always coffee time for me."
Red Panda later found out that Alice was actually actress and singer, Eileen Peterson! Chad thanked her for taking such good care of Red Panda, although she did return him slightly caffeinated!