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Purple and Blue Penguin went to Awesome Con
this past weekend! 


They met Tae Ray from Tae Ray Cosplay as well!

The plushies had a great time visiting monuments. 


They told us that Awesome Con was...wait for it...AWESOME!

The Plushies Take Emerald City!

Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda went to the Emerald City Comicon! After almost selling out of tees, the plushie pair explored Seattle for a few days. They saw the sights and did a little shopping:
The dynamic duo also dined at the Mox Boarding House where they played games and had some refreshments!
There was also coffee at Stumptown:
And spices at Mustard and Co.
Not to mention Pink and White Panda's favorite delicacy!


We are glad they had so much fun, but we missed Purple Penguin and
Pink and White Panda! The turtles are all happy to have our plushies back!

Plushie Adventures in the U.A.E.!

Guess what day our plushies went on this adventure?!?!


Turtle loved his camel ride but he was jet lagged so he went back to the hotel. Red Panda wanted to see more desert!
TeeTurtle sellers Ryan and Chad joined the plushies on their day in the desert, and then headed to the Middle East Film and Comic Con to sell cute, nerdy, funny TeeTurtle tees!

After a Hard Day's Work...

This is Jesus! He is TeeTurtle's Convention Director. Thanks to him and the in-house convention team, TeeTurtle tees, socks, prints, and of course, the sellers (!) can be found at ComicCons and other conventions all over the world. It takes a lot of hard work and multi-tasking to make this happen. Due to his tireless dedication, Jesus' response when we asked him which tee was his fav came as no surprise at all:
"My answer is "Super Lazy" because the design is a pretty
good representation of me after a long day at work.
Also, the shirt isn't just cute, it's super cute.
The sloth's smug expression is priceless."

Has Red Panda Gone Mad?

While Turtle went to Salt Lake City, and Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda went to L.A., Red Panda decided to check out the LouisiANIME in Baton Rouge. And who did he run into? Alice herself! Red Panda was supposed to hang out with TeeTurtle seller Chad and help sell soft, cute, nerdy, and funny tees, but he decided to follow Alice instead (he had a lot of fun with her, but was slightly disappointed that there weren't any rabbit holes). Before she returned him to TeeTurtle's booth, Alice told Red Panda that it was tea time! Red Panda said, "No thanks. It's always coffee time for me."
Red Panda later found out that Alice was actually actress and singer, Eileen Peterson! Chad thanked her for taking such good care of Red Panda, although she did return him slightly caffeinated!