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5 Things You Need for a DIY Jessica Jones Costume

Jessica Jones Cosplay

So you want to be Jessica Jones, huh? Well, we don’t give advice. We just say what we want. Lucky for you, we want to help you just this once. Jessica isn’t your average superhero, so you can’t just throw on a spandex costume and call it a day. Here are the 5 things you’re going to need to pull it off.

1. A Jessica Jones t-shirt

Jessica Jones shirt TeeTurtle

A black shirt is a must-have if you want to embody the true spirit of Jessica Jones. And since she's conveniently printed on the front, you won't have to explain your costume to everyone...in fact, you won't have to talk to anyone at all.

Stabby the Unicorn is also an acceptable choice because-let's face it-Jessica would totally wear Stabby.

2. A black leather jacket

3. Ripped jeans

4. Black combat boots

5. Sarcastic comments

If you can't lift a car, sarcastic comments are the most crucial element of your costume. But if you can't think of anything to say to someone, just ignore them until they go away.

The Twin Cities Wizard World!

Wizard World in Minneapolis!

Red Panda and Turquoise Turtle helped at the TeeTurtle booth at Wizard World in Minneapolis this weekend! TeeTurtle seller Jake was grateful for the help as they almost sold out of tees! Stay tuned for more Plushie Adventures...

Has Red Panda Gone Mad?

While Turtle went to Salt Lake City, and Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda went to L.A., Red Panda decided to check out the LouisiANIME in Baton Rouge. And who did he run into? Alice herself! Red Panda was supposed to hang out with TeeTurtle seller Chad and help sell soft, cute, nerdy, and funny tees, but he decided to follow Alice instead (he had a lot of fun with her, but was slightly disappointed that there weren't any rabbit holes). Before she returned him to TeeTurtle's booth, Alice told Red Panda that it was tea time! Red Panda said, "No thanks. It's always coffee time for me."
Red Panda later found out that Alice was actually actress and singer, Eileen Peterson! Chad thanked her for taking such good care of Red Panda, although she did return him slightly caffeinated! 

We Will Rock You!

Turtle decided to check out the Salt Lake Comic Con and joined TeeTurtle sellers Liz and Dustin at their booth. After selling lots of tees, Turtle was so hungry that he ordered a pizza. Unfortunately, Liz was a little hungrier than Turtle knew, and she ate it all before he got any!

So Turtle went in search of more food and made some new friends:

The rest of the story stays in Utah. Turtle is a ladies man...

Doggy Disguises

Now that you've spent 9 months deciding what your Halloween costume should be, you have 2 weeks left to figure out how to dress up your pup. (Because this is America so, of course, your dog is going to have a costume.) To make things easier for you, we've compiled a list of our favorite doggie disguises readily available online. 

Note: Sometimes the dog makes the costume. We can't help if you have an ugly dog. 

Princess Leia


Dapper Dog


Darth Dog

Lion Pup




Jedi Dog




Prince Charming


Old Lady Wig


Bantha Costume

 And of course: