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9 Reasons It's Better to be Alone on Valentine's Day

1. People are overrated.

Books > People t-shirt TeeTurtle

2. Seriously, they're the worst.

The Magical Kittencorn t-shirt TeeTurtle

3. I mean, they always ask you if you're dating anybody. Rude.

Stabby the Unicorn t-shirt TeeTurtle

4. You can buy yourself chocolates, and you don't have to share.

Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty t-shirt Dreamworks TeeTurtle

5. Other people always want to talk.

Too Early t-shirt TeeTurtle

6. Your cat is your one true love anyway.

My Powers are Useless t-shirt Marvel TeeTurtle

7. And if you don't like cats, there's always pizza!

I Love Pizza! t-shirt TeeTurtle

8. You're FABULOUS on your own!

I Give Zero Fox t-shirt TeeTurtle

9. So, brush off the haters and celebrate being single!

Haters Gonna Hate t-shirt TeeTurtle

Over 80 t-shirts are on sale for Valentine's Day (or, as we prefer, Singles Awareness Day). Be your own Valentine, and treat yourself to all your favorites!

10 Shirts To Bring Out Your Inner Sass

You know how some people wear t-shirts that bring out their eyes? We prefer tees that bring out our sass. If you've been told you need an attitude adjustment and you took it as a compliment, we have 10 tees you need in your life!

1. Salty Beach

Salty Beach t-shirt TeeTurtle

When it's not your fault people are jealous of you...

2. Express Yourself

Express Yourself shirt TeeTurtle

When the RBF struggle is real.

3. Humanity Sucks

Humanity Sucks t-shirt Marvel Jessica Jones TeeTurtle

When you know you're a superhero, but humanity just isn't worth saving.

4. Witch, Please

Witch, Please shirt TeeTurtle

When you have no time for shade.

5. Antisocial

Antisocial shirt TeeTurtle

When the words on your shirt are the only communication you're okay with.

6. The Magical Kittencorn

The Magical Kittencorn shirt TeeTurtle

When you're not as cuddly and adorable and you appear.

7. Fly, My Pretties!

Fly, My Pretties! shirt TeeTurtle

When you wake up feeling wicked.

8. Stabby the Unicorn

Stabby the Unicorn shirt TeeTurtle

When you're seriously on edge.

9. Pay Attention to Me

Pay Attention To Me shirt TeeTurtle

When you're too cute to be ignored.

10. Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate shirt TeeTurtle

When you want the world to know how awesome you know you are.

7 Unicorn Shirts You Didn't Know You Needed

1. Rainbow Chainsaw Massacre

For when you need to show the world that you aren't putting up with its rainbow bullsh*t.

Rainbow Chainsaw Massacre

2. Tasty Rainbow

For when you're feeling adventurous.

3. Where Rainbows Come From

For the morning after.

4. Forbidden Love

For when you're feeling hopelessly romantic.

5. Stabby the Unicorn

For when someone tells you unicorns aren't real.

6. Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse

For your last day on Earth.


7. The Magical Kittencorn

For when you want to express your true feelings.