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Hello World


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Purple and Blue Penguin went to Awesome Con
this past weekend! 


They met Tae Ray from Tae Ray Cosplay as well!

The plushies had a great time visiting monuments. 


They told us that Awesome Con was...wait for it...AWESOME!

The Foodie Plushies Visit K.C.!

Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda went to Kansas City for Planet Comicon! On breaks from selling TeeTurtle tees at the con, the plushie pair decided to try some K.C. cuisine. On their first day, they wanted Kansas City BBQ. There was no other place to go but Joe's! The plushies visited the original gas station location and had the best BBQ they had ever tried! 

 Joe's Kansas City BBQ


The next morning, Purple Penguin and Pink and White Panda wanted healthy eats.

They headed to Café Gratitude for "Adventurous" soup, and "Energized" green smoothies! They left for the con with some "Carefree" cappucinos



 They went vegan for dinner and visited Füd


And then went and got some Chinese a couple hours later:


They topped the night with a little wine at The Westside Local:

We can't wait for these foodies to go to their next con!


She De-FIN-itely loves this tee!


Monse is one of TeeTurtle's illustrators (in fact, she is the artist who created this graphic)! You have seen many of her designs on our jaw-some tees and socks! She also keeps the design team in line. (Or she tries at least. They're a rowdy bunch.) We asked Monse which tee was her favorite, and she replied:


Jaw-some! "I love how cute the sharks are, but also how pro-bro it is.

It's Jaw-some after all!"