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Minis Plushies Mystery Grab Bag
Product Type
Product Type: Plushie
This product is currently being restocked and may take an additional 1-2 weeks to ship


Can’t pick just one plushie to love? Feed your TeeTurtle Minis addiction with a MYSTERY grab bag!

*The surprise is half the fun, so grab bag sales are final!

MinisOur mini collection of maximum cuteness!

Product Details

Teeturtle Minis come in all shapes and sizes, averaging 7" long x 5" tall x 4.5" wide!

Ages 6 and up

Each Minis Plushies Mystery Grab Bag - 5 Minis contains 5 plushies.

Each bag could contain any Teeturtle Mini in a variety of colors and types!

Care Instructions

>Spot clean with gentle soap

>Cuddle daily

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