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What are TeeTurtle shirts made of?

Tees 100% Cotton
Tanks 57% Cotton, 38% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hoodies 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Socks 75% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 5% Spandex


Do the shirts shrink?

Since our shirts are not pre-shrunk (and are 100% cotton), your washing machine, with its trusty sidekick “Dryer,” are both responsible for the sizing fate of your tees! Below is a quick reference for how to minimize (or maximize) shrinkage.

Wash Temperature Dry Temperature  Shrinkage
Warm/Hot Regular Heat 1/2 a size
Warm Low Heat Up to 1/2 a size
Cold Hang Dry Little to no shrinkage

We do suggest that you wash the tees inside out to protect the integrity of the high-quality screen-printed design.

For zero shrinkage, you might consider never washing the tee, but we think you will develop worse problems if you opt for this care process.

For more information, please see our Sizing Guide.


Do your shirts run large or small?

They don’t run at all -- they're shirts. However, since you want to know how the sizes correlate, we have the sizing and descriptions in our Sizing Guide (with video as well!).


What are the differences in the women's tees?

We carry two different styles in women’s tees: Ultra Slim Fit and Relaxed Fit. Our Ultra Slim hugs your shape, and the Relaxed Fit fit is a looser, more casual style. See our Sizing Guide for more info!


I ordered an adult tee but I received a junior size!

We have great news for you! You actually received an Ultra Slim! The J you see on the label is the manufacturer tag for the Ultra Slim style. If your Ultra Slim fit isn’t the fit you prefer, you can click on our Exchange and Return Form for the exchange process.


Why do some sizes cost a dollar more?

The Standard 3XL and Women's 2XL shirts cost us $2 more, but we decided to split the difference and only charge you $1 more!



I'm putting in a big order and it won't let me check out! What's going on?

It is possible that you exceeded the shipping limit built into our system of 10 pounds. By splitting your order, not only will it let you check out, but you will save money on your shipping!


What is your return and exchange policy?

To make a return or an exchange you can contact us for a return shipping label (U.S. orders only) with the number and type of items you need to return. Then just click into our handy-dandy Exchange and Return Form, print the form, fill it out, and send it in along with your tee! If we sent you something in error, please contact our Customer Service department!


Oh no! I placed an order and put in my old address! What can I do?!

As quickly as possible, move back to your old address. That’s not a possibility? Your next option is to to contact us (ASAP please!) through our Contact Us section and we'll get right on it. Because the turtles in our warehouse move super-fast, we can't guarantee that we will be able to change the address before the order is shipped out. If your order did ship out to an old address, we will let you know how we will help your package arrive at your current location.


Oops! I placed an order and requested the wrong size!

Most orders are processed immediately, but if you use our Contact Us section we will do our best to switch the sizes for you. Our customer service hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST. If we are unable to change the sizing before the order is shipped, we will let you know how to proceed in order to get the right tees to you!


Will I need to pay duties and customs?

Customs fees are assigned by each country and your customs office will know what fee has been assessed, why, and where you can pay it to receive your package.


Are your licensed designs available to international customers?

Our licensed tees are not available to all of our international customers, but all of our TeeTurtle exclusive characters are! Stabby the Unicorn, Pew Pew PandaThe Magical Kittencorn, and the rest of our cute (and sometimes angry!) tees are waiting for you to give them loving homes!


What's Cute of the Month?

Cute of the Month is a monthly membership service. As a member, you will receive a super cute, exclusive, SURPRISE tee each month! In addition, you will enjoy free shipping at TeeTurtle.com AND you will receive a personal customer service representative to take care of your every Cute of the Month need.


Should I buy a shirt from TeeTurtle?

It’s really tempting to say no, simply for the shock value. But the answer is a resounding:



I've placed multiple orders recently, can I combine them into one package? 

No! :) (The smiley face is us trying to put a positive spin on it!)


I ordered a shirt from you guys at a convention and it hasn’t arrived yet. How long will it take?

Convention orders take up to two weeks to process, and after they ship, you will receive an order confirmation so that you know your package is on the way! While you’re waiting, check out our Shop page to see the tees that weren’t at the convention!


How long until my shirt arrives?

Before we ship out an order, we have to process it, and the time it takes to process orders can vary. To see an instant status update on a specific order, just head on over to our Order Lookup!

For other orders, here is a handy chart to help you with the processing and shipping times of your order:

Order Type Processing Time
Orders that contain a new design 1-2 weeks
Orders with regular designs 2-3 days
Flash sale or holiday orders Up to 5 business days



We love it when our TeeTurtle gets to travel! We currently ship to over 45 countries and are always adding more to the list.

The shipping times vary country to country. For most orders, your package should arrive 3-4 weeks after the package ships out.

IF 3-4 WEEKS HAVE PASSED, PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL CUSTOMS OFFICE. Sometimes, international orders (especially larger orders) are held at the local customs office because of a possible additional import fee. This is a fee we cannot control or build into our shipping costs.


I paid for expedited shipping, but my order hasn't shipped out yet. What's going on?

If your order contains a product that is currently on backorder or is out-of-stock, your order will not ship until those items are restocked. Estimated shipping transit times begin when an order ships from the warehouse. For example, if you request three day shipping, your package will arrive within three business days from the day it leaves our warehouse.


Where's my tracking number?

If you live in the US and put in an active email address when you placed your order, we will email you a tracking number when your package is shipped. Plus, if you purchase using your account, you'll be able to view your order history right from your account dashboard.


Where's my tracking number? (I live outside the U.S.!)

At this time, we are unable to offer real-time tracking for international orders after they leave the US. We do hope to offer this option in the near future, and we apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Why doesn't my tracking number work?

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for tracking link information to be updated after your package ships. If you're still having problems, our Customer Service team is there to help!



Your designs are awesome! Who makes them?

We have an in-house team of design superheroes. While they do not fight crime, we rely on them for all of our amazing TeeTurtle designs!